Заточка алмаза с профилем SAS


S.A.S Super Analogue Stylus Analogue sound continues to captivate audiophiles. Challenging conventional tracking limitations on sound reproduction, we have applied pioneering technology to develop a superior record stylus with rich tonality and warmth.

  1. Compatible with wider and deeper grooves (Micro Groove)
    Carefully chosen natural octahedron single-crystals are used for the diamond tip. S.A.S. can also be used on records with 30-280 micron grooves in addition to the conventional 30-80 micron groove.
  2. The secret to accurate regeneration is its thinness and configuration.
    The main attribute of the S.A.S. is not only the consistency found in the few microns of width and height, but the unique finishing touches that preserve its high precision. We have realized a curvature with a smaller radius than was impossible with the Micro Ridge Stylus.
  3. The solution to sound distortion and uneven movement due to stylus wear
    The stylus’excellent durability eliminates lateral and frontal abrasion. The delicately curved ridge tip never changes form and maintains precise tracking to pick up any signal, no matter how fine. This makes it perfect for high frequencies, which require a highly precise tip-radius for tracking the inner grooves of records, as well as sounds with a wide dynamic range.
  4. Polishing technique does not damage the record
    We practice an advanced polishing technique used by well-known domestic and international cartridge makers. This will preserve the record groove for longer periods.

[The relation between stylus tip shape and contact surface]

The relation between stylus tip shape and contact surface

Record groove contact points of various stylus types during sound reproduction

S.A.S stylus tip
S.A.S stylus tip
(Artists Rendition)
  1. Natural single crystal octahedron diamond stylus tip
  2. Boron is used in the cantilever for its ability to transmit vibrations extremely efficiently.
  3. The magnet is composed of rare earth metals with excellent electromagnetic conductivity.
  4. The high-precision One-Point Tension System reproduces the smallest of vibrations from the stylus tip while preserving a distortion-free signal.
  5. A microscope is used to mount individual strands of 0.06 mm piano wire to eliminate erratic vibrations caused by installation errors.

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